Travel Makeup Guide

When it comes to traveling whether it be half way across the globe or going home for weekend from college everyone wants to travel lighter at least I do. After so many trips I think I have found the best way to organize my makeup and take the most necessary products. The biggest lesson I learned is to take products I already LOVE. Traveling is not the time to experiment that new foundation or concealer. So here is my beauty guide that’ll show you exactly what I take.

Foundation:I always take two. One is usually a full coverage foundation like the Becca Ultimate Coverage while the other is a lighter foundation that photographs extremely well such as the WetnWild Photo Focus.

Concealer:I also like to take two of these just because you never know when your friends will decide to pop up on your face. The two I love are the Maybelline Age Rewind and the other is Makeup revolution which for the record is a dupe for the Tarte Shape tape no lie. TRY IT.

Bronzer:my one and only trustee bronzer has to be the Physicians Formula Butter bronzer. It is literally a god sent bronzer. I use it to contour, bronze, and I even use it as a crease shade for my eyeshadow.

Blush: If you hate taking multiple blushes get yourself the NYX Sweet Cheeks Palette. It has shades for EVERY SINGLE type of look and for EVERY SEASON. I love how this palette is so pigmented and gorgeous on the skin.

 Eyeshadow:I take a total of two palettes which may seem a little excessive since we’re trying to pack light. But the NYX Ultimate Multifinish palette has pops of color that are perfect if you’re trying to add a bit of color to your look. The best part is– its small. Its not a large palette which will take up a lot room. The other palette is my Modern Renaissance because who doesn’t love that one. Its so easy to create multiple looks with that palette.

Liner and Mascara: I carry the Elf liquid liner because its cheap and gets the job done. For mascara I alwaysjust take a waterproof mascara because you never know when you’ll be crying—just kidding. I just prefer a waterproof mascara. My current favorite is the L’Oréal Lash Sculpt.

          TIP: if you ever forget to bring your eyeliner just use your mascara! It works just as well.

Highlight: I love a good highlight palette. When travelling, palettes are always the best because they give you more options and take up less space. That is why I love the Solstice highlight palette by Sleek. This palette is STUNNING. It comes with a total of four highlight shades which is perfect since you have a highlight for every look! Plus the highlighters in this look AMAZING on every skin tone so its definitely brown girl approved.

Lips: For the lips, I will ALWAYS  take a bold red lipstick because you never know when you got to pull out that strong fierce look. My other favorites are mauves and pinks. I always switch these up depending on how I’m feeling.

Annnnd thats it for my travel bag! Let me know in the comments below what your favorites are and what you would like to read next! You can also shop some of these products mentioned in this post below!