What I Wish I Knew Before Starting College

Senior year of college–probably the most stressful year at least for me. Jumping into college as 18 year olds we have no idea what we’re getting into. Yes of course college comes with so much fun but it also comes with 8AM classes, exams that make up 80% of your grade, and the struggle to find a career path that makes you happy and well, pays good. I’ve talked to so many of my own friends who have said if they could do college all over again they would in a heartbeat except this time they would do it right. 


Probably the biggest lesson that I wish I knew. Knowing what you want to do for the rest of your life is great. But how do you know thats what you really want? Step into college with a brand new mind. If you’re an engineer take that acting class you were interested in, or if you’re premed take an entry level computer science course. You never know what you’re actually good at until you actually do it. Sometimes you may even discover some of your hidden talents. Usually we’re so caught up with what we think we already want to do that we forget that we can still explore other things. 


Go out and make friends! That’s exactly what college is about. I found some of my best friends in college who I never thought in a million years I could relate to so much. Go to recruitment events, tail gates and football games but be smart. Choose school over everything else and make time for your homework. Yes, I just stated the obvious but its so easy to lose track when you first step into your freshman year.


You’re probably rolling your eyes right now because thats what I might have done–but its true. When college starts so does adulting. You’re in a brand new environment with no mom to pack you lunch or do your laundry. But the best part is the earlier you take up responsibilities the easier it’ll be later on. Just remember no one is responsible for anything you do–except yourself


Trust me, college isn’t trying to screw you over as much as you want to think. Actually maybe…jk. There are so many learning and tutoring opportunities out there. Go to office hours, meet up with your TA, attend study sessions do everything you can.


Come finals week and you’ll forget if you even showered or not. But don’t do that. School is hard TRUST ME but it gets even harder if you don’t care for yourself physically and mentally. I’ll be honest, you’ll have mental break downs, you’ll cry, you’ll forget to take an exam or you’ll fail one but in the end its okay. At the moment it’ll feel like the end of the world but it’s really not. Always give yourself breaks.

There you have it. College is fun and its probably one of the most memorable times of your life–so enjoy it. It’s been one of my favorites. But remember there is more to life yet to come.